How To Survive A No Spend November

Start saving money fast with a No Spend Challenge in November!

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Use these No Spend November Rules And Success Tips to easily limit your spending and save money before the holidays!

With the holidays coming up quickly, it’s time to think about how to cut back on expenses and save money where you can.

The November No Spend Challenge is a month-long challenge and social media trend where participants avoid all spending for the month of November.

During a No Spend November, participants may only spend money on necessities.

For the duration of the month, you don’t buy anything new and either put the extra money in savings or focus on paying off any outstanding debt.

Transitioning from “free-spending” to “no spending” isn’t an easy process in the beginning, but it is something that you can do as long as you remember to give yourself a little bit of grace.


Use some "no spending" frugal hacks to still enjoy life while saving money!

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