50+ Things

To Stop Buying To SAVE MONEY In 2022

Simple tips to stop buying things that you do not need!

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Save $1000's and ditch consumer culture!

Here's what you can accomplish if you stop wasting your money and start applying these tips to your life:

Save more money

Pay off debt

Take control of YOUR finances

If you are tired of being broke or just want to start saving for a better life then figure out what you need to stop buying. Read this list of 50 Things You Should Stop Buying Now!

Pre-Cut Veggies and Fruit – When you see those little containers in the produce aisle with all the pre-cut veggies just keep walking. Grocery stores mark up the price by 300%! It really doesn’t take that much time to cut up your own produce. By 2 get 1 Free Deal – How many times have you bought three mustards because they were on sale for buy 2 get one free? It’s a sales tactic to get you to buy more. Just buy what you need.

Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets – So how many times have you used that $300 pasta maker or that fondue set? Every black Friday, marketing strategists fill the ads with “must-have” kitchen gadgets that are a total WASTE OF MONEY! More Utensils – Most people have a utensil drawer that is popping out at the seams. Plastic Utensils – Don’t waste your money on the plastic eatery.

Batteries – Stop throwing your money away on batteries. Invest in some rechargeable batteries because it will save you so much money in the long run! Trendy Items – There is always a trend! These trends seem to fade out pretty fast! Just don’t buy into it! Extended Warranties – These are a total waste of money. Most of the time they don’t even cover when the product needs to be repaired.

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Read the full list of 50 things you can stop buying to save $1000's