How To Stop Buying Stuff To Save Money During Inflation

How much money do you waste buying things you don't need?

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This list covers 50 things you need to stop buying.  Finally be able to save money, keep a budget, and ditch consumer culture!

Let's start this massive list of 50 things to stop buying so you can save some money!! 

Bulk Groceries – Many people have memberships to stores that let you buy your food in bulk. If you are not feeding a family of 10 then you really shouldn’t buy food in bulk. 9 out of 10 times that food will expire and get thrown away.

Pre-Cut Veggies and Fruit – When you see those little containers in the produce aisle with all the pre-cut veggies just keep walking. Grocery stores mark up the price by 300%! It really doesn’t take that much time to cut up your own produce

How To Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need: *Write down all the unnecessary things you are buying. *Think about all the useless everyday items you need to stop buying in order to save money.  *Use this list of 50 things to stop buying.

The best way to combat rising inflation is to stop spending money on useless items!