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Welcome to a CENTSational Life


How to have financial freedom

Do you ever dream about breaking the daily grind?

To live a life you love and spend your money without worry.

I know financial freedom sounds like a dream, but it is POSSIBLE. No matter what your financial troubles are, there is ALWAYS a way.

Don’t call it a DREAM; call it a PLAN!

Hi, I’m Starr. I realized a long time ago that having a passive income was the only way to financial freedom. You must find ways to make money while you sleep, or you will always be working.

I’m here to inspire you to live a CENTSational life! You weren’t born to pay bills and die! I want you to become so financially secure that you FORGET when payday is!

It’s not really about the money. It is about the FREEDOM!

To LIVE a LIFE on your OWN Terms!

Have you ever been at work watching the clock, wishing you were somewhere else? I remember those days, they sucked. I also remember being just one emergency away from a financial crisis. Seriously, every time I would get ahead, something came up and wiped the savings right out.

Living payday-to-payday is no way to live. I felt trapped, and I didn’t know how to break the cycle. Guess what though, all that has changed and I am going to show you how!  Maybe you won’t get rich, or perhaps you will, but you CAN break the payday-to-payday cycle and keep moving forward to living your BEST life!

You may get 90 years on this beautiful planet, don’t spend 70 of them paying off debt

Having financial freedom is not all about making money; it’s also about saving money. I will show you the best ways to budget and get out of debt. You know those big loans you think you will never get paid off, like student loans and credit-card debt, I paid them off, and you can too!

I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge (pun intended) about how to save money and how to make money. You must do BOTH if you want to be financially free.

 Jobs fill your pocket, ADVENTURE fills your soul

Being financially free has inspired me to live a life of travel and adventure. Do you dream about traveling the world? Life is too short to wait. The goal is to die with memories not DREAMS.

And so the adventure begins…

Anyone can do this! There are so many ways to make money.  If you don’t know where to start, that’s OK, I have done the work for you. This entire site is dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom!