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150 Would You Rather Questions For Adults That Are Fun & Hard

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Thought-provoking would you rather questions for adults!

The best conversation starter is this or that questions for work or any get-together.

These hard would you rather questions are deep and funny.


Fun Would You Rather Questions


“Would you rather” questions are a great way to get to know someone.

These fun would you rather questions are great icebreakers that give people a chance to think outside the box.

Regarding adults, would you rather questions can help them get out of their comfort zone and give them an opportunity to think about things differently.

They are also a great way to break the ice in any setting.

They can be used at parties, job interviews, and even work to help break the monotony of the day.

Studies have proven that asking questions can help you be a better leader; even fun would you rather questions for adults!

Add this list of fun this or that questions to your list of things to do when bored!


would you rather questions for adults


150 Hard Would You Rather Questions To Ask

1. Would you rather travel anywhere in the United States for a year or travel abroad just once?

2. Would you rather be a successful songwriter or an aspiring singer?

3. Would you rather live on a deserted island alone or in a large city alone?

4. Would you rather work a job that makes you miserable but pays well or work a job that you love that doesn’t pay so well?

5. Would you rather have free groceries for a year with no dining out or free pizza coupons for your favorite pizza joint every day for a year?

6. Would you rather dance in the rain or dance in the headlights?

7. Would you rather fall in love with a pirate or a gypsy?

8. If you were a successful author, would you rather remain anonymous or be famous?

9. Would you rather confront a lazy co-worker or your wife for her bad shopping habits?

10. Would you rather have free donuts for a month or free coffee for a month?

11. Would you rather be able to talk to a loved one who’s passed away or win $10,000 in the lottery?

12. Would you rather shave your head for a year, wear no hats or wigs, or have to grow and maintain a handle-bar mustache?

13. Would you rather travel dirt roads to a private lakeside retreat or the interstate to a beach resort?

14. Would you rather have only radio and no tv or tv and no radio?

15. Would you rather give up sweets or soda?

16. Would you rather fight Iron Man or Superman? Why?

17. Would you rather only be able to read comic books for a year or love stories for a year?

18. Would you rather see Beyonce in concert or attend an Elvis concert back in the day?

19. Would you rather watch nothing but baseball for a year or nothing but football for a year?

20. Would you rather live on a farm and grow your food or live in the city and buy your food?

21. Would you rather change the past to avoid the hurt or would you do it all over again?

22. Would you rather be able to only text for a year or only talk for a year?

23. Would you rather have your freedom, not knowing how you’ll make it, or be confined to one place, knowing everything will be taken care of?

24. Would you rather dream every night of the one who broke your heart or erase everything about
them from your mind?

Good Would You Rather Questions For Work


Good Would Rather Questions For Work


25. Would you rather misplace your car keys or your phone?

26. If you had no teeth, would you rather have dentures or dental implants if the cost was covered for both?

27. Would you rather wake up at 4 am every day and take a daily nap at noon or wake up at 10 am every day and have no naps at all?

28. Would you rather explore outer space or the depths of the ocean?

29. Would you rather eat a worm or eat a snail?

30. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

31. Would you rather do an online presentation to hundreds of people or a face-to-face
presentation to 5 people?

32. Would you rather have smelly feet or bad breath?

33. Would you rather have strength or intelligence?

34. Would you rather fly over a mountaintop or over the ocean?

35. Would you rather be able to have minimal sleep and feel rested or eat whatever you want
and be healthy?

36. Would you rather work for 4 hours and be extremely busy or have a relaxing 8-hour workday for
the same amount of pay?

37.  Would you rather eat breakfast for dinner or dessert for breakfast?

38. Would you rather have chocolate pie or chocolate cake?

39. Would you rather be a stay-at-home parent or work a 9-5 job with good pay?

40. Would you rather go skydiving from an airplane or base jumping from a bridge?

41. Would you rather have a 3-day weekend with Monday off or a 3-day weekend with Friday off?

42. Would you rather give up heating and cooling for your house or give up your internet

43. Would you rather stumble upon your Grandmother’s Fine China collection or old photographs
from her life that you’ve never seen before?

44. Would you rather be grounded for two weeks with no electronics or have to wear a sign everywhere for two weeks that tells everyone what you did to get in trouble?

45. Would you rather have a farmer and veterinarian on your apocalyptic response team or a doctor
and an engineer on your team?

46. Would you rather have a great boss at a bad job or a great job with an awful boss?


Deep Would You Rather Questions


Deep Would You Rather Questions That Are Thought Provoking

47. Would you rather know the secret to life or experience life?

48. Would you rather give your children knowledge or money?

49. Would you rather visit the past or the future? Would you rather never fail or fail but learn from it?

50. Would you rather spend money helping the homeless or spend money to fly into space?

51. Would you rather be stranded at sea or lost in the jungle?

52. Would you rather make a significant difference in one person’s life or be the reason many
people had a good day?

53. Would you rather be able to understand what animals think or be a zoologist?

54. Would you rather find your soulmate or your dream job?

55. Would you rather have a photographic memory or remember everything you hear?

56. Would you rather be rich and famous or comfortable and infamous?

57. Would you rather be able to pause time or rewind time?

58. Would you rather your life experiences be made into a movie or written as a book?

59. Would you rather be mortal or immortal?

60. Would you rather live a day in the life of an ER doctor or a U.S. Marine?

61. Would you rather win $1 million on the lottery or be able to save someone’s life?

62. Would you rather live when dinosaurs roamed the earth or live in the future in outer space?

63. Would you rather dream of what could have been or make the best of what you’ve got?

64. Would you rather lose the money you had stashed at your house or irreplaceable photos?

65. Would you rather never get married or have an arranged marriage with someone you’ve
never met?

66. Would you rather inherit $1 million and must abide by certain rules or work hard to earn $1
million and make your own rules.

67. Would you rather find the cure for cancer or be able to end world hunger?

68. Would you rather your accomplishments be criticized or ignored?

69. Would you rather have the perfect body or the perfect soul?

70. Would you rather have no one show up at your wedding or no one show up at your funeral?


random would you rather questions


Random Would You Rather Questions

71. Would you rather be chased by bees or a snake?

72. Would you rather be able to hear all the positive things people think about you or all the
negative things?

73. Would you rather climb to the top of a mountain or to the bottom of a cave?

74. Would you rather walk through snow or hot sand?

75. Would you rather watch the sunrise from the beach or the bow of a ship?

76. Would you rather drive with the top down on a warm summer night or during a hot summer

77. Would you rather watch a romantic movie or curl up with a good book?

78. Would you rather be able to type fast but not have good phone etiquette or good phone

etiquette but not fast?

79. Would you rather be a taste tester of lemons or a sewer worker?

80. Would you rather spend the night in a known haunted house or go swimming in the Amazon

81. Would you rather be able to speak a foreign language or know sign language?

82. Would you rather color with pencils or crayons?

83. Would you rather eliminate tacos or pizza from your life?

84. Would you rather only be able to whisper everything you have to say or to sing everything you
have to say?

85. Would you rather ride a horse or a motorcycle?

86. Would you rather swim in the ocean or at the hotel pool?

87. Would you rather have candy apples or caramel apples?

88. Would you rather walk through a fragrant flower garden with butterflies or sit and watch the sunset behind a
field of sunflowers?

89. Would you rather be taking the picture or be the one whose picture is being taken?

90. Would you rather live in an RV or on a houseboat on a river?

91. Would you rather have a maid to clean your house or a chef to cook your dinner daily?

92. Would you rather give up eating breakfast or give up eating lunch?

93. Would you rather be able to watch either one movie or read one book for a year?

94. Would you rather have a pet snake or a pet tarantula?


Fun Would You Rather Questions


Funny Would You Rather Questions For Adults

95. Would you rather sing the national anthem or do a silent, interpretive dance to it at a football
game full of thousands of spectators?

96. Would you rather go on a blind date every night for a month and eat at the fanciest restaurants
or eat at your local fast-food joint with a good friend every night for a month?

97. Would you rather have to dress like a cheerleader every day for a year or goth for the rest of
your life?

98. Would you rather have the screechy voice of Bobcat Goldthwait or the nasal voice of Fran
Drescher from the Nanny?

99. Would you rather sing your favorite song in front of the artist who made it a hit or sing it in front
of 20,000 people?

100. Would you rather give up traveling or never be able to scratch an itch?

101. Would you rather have to watch only Sci-Fi movies for a year or only Hallmark Christmas movies
for a year?

102. Would you rather have a rock in your shoe or a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth?

103. Would you rather not have night sweats or not have daytime hot flashes?

104. Would you rather work cleaning bar bathrooms or portable toilets?

105. Would you rather have to wear a dress every day or pajamas every day?

106. Would you rather be stuck on an elevator full of people or on the Ferris Wheel at the

107. Would you rather have free ice cream or free cake for the rest of your life?

108. Would you rather poke a bear with a stick or argue with your menopausal wife?

109. Would you rather be in a room and hear someone chewing loudly or hear someone tapping
their fingers?

110. Would you rather date someone with their ex’s name tattooed on their arm or date someone
who hates tattoos?

111. Would you rather never lose your balance or never lose your sense of humor?


Would You Rather Questions


Would You Rather Adult Questions

112. Would you rather someone stand up for their beliefs during a debate or say nothing?

113. Would you rather look 20 years younger or feel 20 years younger?

114. Would you rather be reincarnated as a bird or as a bee?

115. Would you rather never have to do laundry again or never have to sweep & mop the floors ever

116. Would you rather be fighting machines that have taken over the world or fight in a zombie

117. Would you rather know the sex of your unborn baby or be surprised?

118. Would you rather get married at a beautiful wedding venue, surrounded by hundreds of guests, or elope at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Vegas?

119. Would you rather you’re always a little cold or a little hot?

120. Would you rather burn your tongue on something too hot or have brain freeze from something
too cold?

121. Would you rather wear flip-flops or crocs?

122. Would you rather someone propose to you in front of a crowd or propose to you while it’s just
the two of you?

123. Would you rather walk barefoot through a swamp or in the hot desert?

124. Would you rather take a shorter path through the woods, which is dark and has no hills to climb
or take the longer path through the woods, which is sunnier and is all uphill?

125. Would you rather meet a famous person who will not speak to you or a regular person who
makes you laugh?

126. Would you rather have to wear glasses or hearing aids?

127. Would you rather run out of deodorant or toothpaste?

128. Would you rather live by the sewer treatment plant or across from the garbage dump?

129. Would you rather be locked out of your house with no car or locked out of your car with no

130. Would you rather drink the half-empty beers from the night before or drink a warm glass of

131. Would you rather read your teenager’s diary or your mom’s diary?

132. Would you rather eat only ramen noodles and popcorn for a month or only sardines and

 133. Would you rather hear the rain hitting a tin roof or a gently flowing stream?

 134. Would you rather live near an international airport or a popular sports arena?

135. Would you rather be a chef forbidden to taste the food or a bartender forbidden to

136. Would you rather explore abandoned mines or sunken ships?

 137. Would you rather watch the same cartoon on repeat or the same horror movie on repeat?

 138. Would you rather lose your money at the racetrack or by playing a game of poker?

139. Would you rather travel with the circus or with a carnival?

140. Would you rather live in a tree house or a hut on the beach?

141. Would you rather win $20,000-guaranteed or take a chance to win $100,000?

142. Would you rather walk 5 miles wearing clown shoes or high heels?

143. Would you rather travel in a car or train across the country?

144. Would you rather be able to dance and not sing or to sing and not dance?

145. Would you rather kiss a stranger for money or kiss someone you love for free?

146. Would you rather have a luxurious yacht or a sailboat?

147. Would you rather understand what your dog is thinking or what your cat is thinking?

148. Would you rather have a beautiful smile or an infectious laugh?

 149. Would you rather be the matador or the bull?

150. Would you rather never fail or to fail but learn from it?

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