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100 Fun Lists Of Lists To Make When Bored

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Looking for some fun lists of lists to make?

Here are 100 types of lists to make when bored!


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Lists are very common on the internet.

They are everywhere.

The first reason why people like to make lists is that it is easy to read and understand.

The second reason is that they are usually more organized than paragraphs of text.

The third reason is that they can be easily added to later on.

Finally, the fourth reason is that lists are fun things to write when bored.

Benefits Of Making Lists

There are many benefits of making lists.

Making lists is a great way to reduce anxiety and create a sense of accomplishment.

List-making can help people organize and prioritize their tasks and to-dos.

Tasks that seem daunting or impossible can be broken down into smaller manageable tasks that are more achievable, this makes them feel less overwhelming.

Lists can help people plan for the future by creating goals and making time to do things they love.

Lists encourage people to think about things in an organized way.

Making a list can make sure you don’t miss out on anything and help you save time when it comes to completing tasks.


lists of lists


What Are Some Good List Ideas?

There are all kinds of types of lists to make from Top 10 lists to organizational lists to make life easier!

We are going to go over some great lists to make for fun!

You know the type of lists to make when bored.

So I hope you enjoy this fun list of lists to make!

lists of lists


Fun Lists of Lists To Write When Bored

Here are 100 lists of lists of things to write.

Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Love Songs

Top 10 Break Up Songs

Top 10 80’s Songs

Top 10 Country Songs

Top 10 90’s Songs

Top 10 Games Shows

Top 10 Reality TV Shows

Top 10 Top 10 Rom-Coms

Top 10 Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Most Visited Vacation Spots

Top 5 Lists Ideas

Top 5 Happiest Countries

Top 5 Scariest Roller Coasters

Top 5 Beaches Of The World

Top 5 Best Pizza Parlors In New York City

Top 5 Songs Of Last Year

Top 5 Most Dangerous Animals

Top 5 Near Extinct Animals

Top 5 Highest Elevations

Top 5 Most Expensive Automobiles

Top 5 Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold

Things People Say List

Things My Parents Say

Things My Kids Say

Things My Friends Say

Things My Partner Says

Things My Neighbors Say

Things My Co-workers Say

Things Strangers Say

Things You Can’t Say Outloud

Compliments You Are Given

Good Advice

Cool Lists

Clever Comebacks

Weird Facts

Headlines Of The Day

Money Making Phone Apps To Try

Wish Lists

Bucket List Ideas – like 30 before 30 or 40 before 40 bucket list.

Social Media Posts

List of Life Goals

Most Haunted Places

Names Of Comets


man and woman making fun lists of lists


Things To Try List

Crochet Patterns To Try

Crafts To Try

Hobbies To Try

Outfits To Try

New Places To Try

Tutorials To Try

Makeup Products To Try

Restaurants To Try

New Food To Try

Tik Tok Challenges To Try

List Of Names

Names For Dogs

Names For Cats

Names For Fish

Names For Boys

Names For Girls

Pet Names For Your Partner

Names You Hate

Names Of All Your Family Members

Cool Middle Name Ideas

List Of Unusual and Unique Names

List Of Things To Do

Movies To Watch

Movies To Watch Again

Ways To Make More Money

Fun Hobbies To Start

Self Care Ideas

Places To Visit

Ways To Save Money

Books To Read

Things To Stop Buying

Recipes To Try

Lists To Make For Fun

Fun Facts

Things To Throw Away

Fashion Trends

Funny Jokes To Tell

Childhood Memories

Things To Do When Bored

Funniest Cartoons

Ways To Have A No Spend Month

Fun Holiday Traditions

List Of Questions To Ask Kids

Lists Of Favorites

Favorite Childhood Games

Favorite Games Now

Favorite Throwback Songs

Favorite Desserts

Favorite Colors

Favorite Netflix Shows

Favorite Spices

Favorite Smells

Favorite People Ever

Favorite Animals

Woman making fun lists of lists


More List Ideas

List Of Firsts In Life

Lists Of Tattoo Ideas

Habits of Succesful People

Facts Of Life

What I Learned

Frugal Hacks

Celebrity Crushes

Lists Of Strange Laws

Cool Nicknames

Ways To Live Your Best Life

Fun Lists

Lists can be really useful sometimes, but they also can be really fun!

Fun lists are a great way to learn more about yourself and about the world.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the best fun lists for you to explore.

Let me know in the comments what list of things you write when you are bored.

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