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20 Fun Ways To Gift Money & Gift Cards To Friends And Family

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Fun Ways To Gift Money This Holiday Season To Give People EXACTLY What They Want…Money!

Here are 20 ways to creatively give money as a gift!

These fun ways to give money gifts will be hit with your friends and family!


Creative Money Gift Ideas


The holidays are upon us!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a lot of Christmas shopping is getting ready to go down.

Holiday shopping isn’t always that fun! Not only are the stores crowded, but it’s hard to pick out the perfect gift for people.

Especially picky teenagers or that friend that already has it all! 

Why not make this year easy, and give the perfect gift that NO ONE will return…MONEY!

Fun Ways To Give Money Gifts

That’s right money gifts are awesome!

Who doesn’t love money!

Whether it is dollar bill gift ideas or a visa gift card, giving money will always be a hit!

Now maybe you want to find some creative ways to gift cash or some crafty DIY money gift ideas.

Well, you are in luck because I have rounded up some really fun ideas that will make holiday gift-giving a breeze!

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Now let’s check out these creative ways to give cash, surprise money gift ideas, and fun ways to wrap money for Christmas!

Here are the best ways to hide money in a gift!

There are even some fun ways to give money gifts to children!

Money Gift Ideas


20 Fun Ways To Gift Cash

Give A Fun Money Gift This Holiday Because No One Ever Returns Cash!

Ways To Gift Money


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Hope you enjoyed these creative ways to give money as a gift, be sure to check out these 50+ Creative Ways To Make Money!

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Deborah Kos

Tuesday 24th of December 2019

I never heard about a money tree. This post has a bunch of great ideas on how to give a cash gift. The DIY Holiday dough idea is adorable.

Madi Rowan

Monday 16th of December 2019

These are all such cute ideas! My favorite I think is the mason jar fake out, I think that's such a fun idea!

-Madi xo

Joyce Rosselli

Thursday 12th of December 2019

Fantastic suggestions. Very creative and certainly fun for the recipient. I will try a few us these. Thank you.

Angie Emde

Tuesday 10th of December 2019

Definitely some fun ways here. I've given cash a few times always in a fun way as I prefer not to give cash if possible. One year I gave my daughter cash as she was going to live abroad for a year. I created little gift cards for a miniature Christmas tree. Each gift card had a picture of an item she was to spend the money on in the country she was travelling to. She still has the tree but the money is long spent and enjoyed.


Monday 9th of December 2019

I love all of these! So creative and fun! Thanks so much for sharing!