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Wasted Life: 6 Ways How To Not Waste Your Life

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Are you living in fear of life wasted?

More than likely, you are wasting so much precious time of your life. 

It’s time to stop wasting your life!

We waste our lives by living the life we don’t want.

Live your life on your own terms and stop doing these things wasting your life!


How To Stop Wasting Your Time


If you are not working towards a goal or living your life with purpose then you are wasting your time wasting your life. 

This isn’t a movie, there is no rewind button.

This is it! Time is all we have… this very moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised. 

Stop Wasting Life

There’s only one thing in our lives that we are never able to get back once it’s gone, and I am NOT talking about money, I’m talking about TIME.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”


Life is short!

Trust me, most people waste a lot of time on non-important things.

If your life ended at this moment and your whole life flashed before your eyes you could see all the times you wasted your time and energy on things that didn’t matter. 

You’re spending your days as you choose to spend them: on purpose. Whether you choose that purpose to mean something or not.

Why You Must Stop Wasting Time & Live Life To The Fullest:

We must stop wasting our lives! So how can we stop time waste?

6 Things Wasting Your Life

1. Worrying About What Other People Think.

Do you lay awake at night and replay conversations from the past?

Have you ever missed a fun outing because you are insecure?

Do you not speak up when you have something to say?

STOP worrying about what other people think! This is YOUR life. Not Theirs!

“If you care about what other people think, you will always be their prisoner?” -James Frey

Stay true to yourself and respect what makes you happy! Don’t mind what ANYONE thinks, because the truth is, they probably aren’t thinking about you at all.

Live unapologetically and BE WHO YOU ARE. 

2. Playing the Comparision Game

With social media becoming life’s norm, it can be easy to compare yourself to others.

One click of an app, and you can see that person you used to know from high school who is now highly successful and you immediately feel bad about all the things you haven’t accomplished yet.

Trust me you are not seeing their “real” life, you are only seeing their highlight reels! Comparison is the number one killer of JOY!

One of the most popular sayings on the Pacific Crest Trail is “Hike Your Own Hike” 

When we spend precious time focusing on other people’s accomplishments we lose time that we could be investing in ourselves!

Don’t waste time comparing your journey, remember we all have our own unique paths in life.

Use your time creating a life you love.

3. Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

The absolute #1 Time Waster is social media. How much time do you waste on Instagram or Snapchat?

A recent study concluded that people spend 382 hours a year on social media.

That’s almost 16 days of your life! Admit it, you check your social media daily, and most of us check it hourly.


Imagine all the new skills you could learn if you had 16 days! 

So instead of wasting all that time on social media, check out CreativeLive.

It offers so many Free Live Online Classes that teach new skills like photography, guitar, journalism, video editing and more. 


Most of us spend time on social media because we are bored.

So if you really feel the need to be on your phone or tablet, then download some of these FREE Money-Making Apps and put that time to use in building your financial future. 

4. Worrying About Your Financial Future

So we pretty much ALL worry about money. We have bills and we need to eat, therefore, we need MONEY!

Money is important to living. We spend a lot of time worrying about how we will pay our bills or that next emergency expense.

It is exhausting!

The truth is, we waste money as much as we waste time!

Well if you want to stop worrying about money, then you need to find ways to make money AND save money.

The path to financial freedom lies in finding Multiple Streams Of Income.

If you don’t have a lot of time then you need to find a side job that pays the MOST money

Don’t ever fall into the “keeping up with the Jones” mentality or you will always be broke! Here are 15 ways you can trick yourself into saving money without changing your lifestyle. 

5. Living In The Past

Letting go of the past is quite difficult. Change is inevitable and sometimes it’s hard to accept that.

Many of us have precious memories that we never want to forget or painful memories we seem to relive.

No matter what, we can never let our past take away from our present with the many “what if” scenarios we seem to fantasize about. 

If you can’t change it, why waste time thinking about it? Learning to let go of the past is an important part of living your best life now.

We all need to learn how to move forward from our past failures and continually look towards the life we want to create.

6. Living a Life of Chaos

A lot of us are busy creatures and sometimes feel like our heads are spinning.

We have very chaotic day-to-day lives, and that’s not counting life’s unpredictability.

The best way to get the chaos under control is to get organized. 

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A Wasted Life: How To Not Waste Your Life

If you really want to know the importance of time then think of TIME AS MONEY and picture this scenario… 

Imagine that you have a really incredible savings account that deposits $86,400 to you every single morning when you wake up!

Are you thinking about all the amazing things you can buy for $86,400 right now? That’s a lot of money!

OK, now there is a catch because there is ALWAYS a catch.

This amazing account will not EVER carry over the balance. Instead, the balance goes to $0 every night when you go to bed.

So whatever money you didn’t spend, you lose. 

So what would you do?

Well, of course, I would withdraw it ALL every morning and live a pretty amazing life!

Bet you would do the same. 

Now, I want you to realize that you do have this amazing account, except it doesn’t deposit money, it deposits TIME.

Every single day you are given 86,400 seconds to live your life. 

You can do whatever you want with your TIME each day, then every night when you go to sleep the time you didn’t use is GONE.

Time is precious. It is more valuable than money. You should use your time wisely. 

There is no going back to claim valuable time. The time from yesterday is gone, and the time for tomorrow is not yet promised.

That is why you must live in the PRESENT.

Come on, you have 86,400 seconds to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE today!

Remember, we waste our lives by living the life we don’t want.

So stop wasting your life that isn’t anything but happy!

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Angie Emde

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

I totally agree with living a life on purpose. All the tips are great I especially like the line you mentioned about hike your own hike, I know we can get so caught up at times with worry and anxiety. Worrying about what people think, comparing our lives with others. Fortunately, we are all unique with different values and goals that guide us and assist us with living lives our way.

April Key C. Rode

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

I do agree, and this quote resonates with mine. Go where you like to go Be What you want to be Because you only have one chance To do the things you like to do.


Saturday 9th of November 2019

Great read. I agree that we waste time on unimportant stuff. If we adopt the view that we should focus only on we can control like how we respond to life's challenges, life will get easier with time. It invokes a whole mindset shift to do only the things that are essential for your well being in all areas of life.


Monday 14th of October 2019

I am terrible about playing conversations over and over again in my head. I am working on it and trying to live more in the present.

Lisa Marie Alioto

Monday 14th of October 2019

This list is so good - and so true. SIgning off after this comment. :-)