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5 Top Habits Of Highly Successful People


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Success doesn’t happen to the lucky and it doesn’t happen overnight.

To be successful, you must follow these TOP HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.

5 Top Habits of Highly Successful People

Do you ever wonder what the SECRET TO SUCCESS is?

Many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and don’t know how to get out of that cycle.

Are you one of those people on the hamster wheel?

Does it bother you to see all these other people out there “killing it” and you must wonder what their secret to success is?

The answer is in the daily habits successful entrepreneurs keep. It would be easy to think that these people are just lucky, but you would very wrong.

Habits of Successful People

Successful people KNOW that habits will make you or break you.

Do you want to make your dreams come true?

Then you need to adopt these common habits of successful people.

Top Habits of Highly Successful People – You NEED to Start!


Unfortunately, in today’s society, many people don’t take responsibility for their own life.

Many make excuses or blame others for the reason their life is not successful.

Many people have plenty of scapegoat excuses on why their dreams have failed.

Successful people, however, take full responsibility for their lives and therefore create their own destiny.

If you want to be successful, you need to realize that this is YOUR life.

You are in control. If you don’t like something, CHANGE IT.

You are in control of your OWN future. You make the decisions.

Whether you fail or thrive, you are fully responsible for your life.

Watch this awesome TED talk about finding your DRIVE TO SUCCESS.


When you realize that you are the ONLY one responsible for your decisions, you are able to make better decisions.

No one can live your life for you. You are in charge.

You decide how you want to spend your money, what you do with your time, and if you are willing to take a leap of faith to pursue your dreams.

Now, what do you want to decide today about your life?


Successful people have a habit of always setting goals for themselves.

Having a vision of the future helps you to set achievable goals to get what you want.

To achieve your goals, you must plan out your strategy.

A common habit for successful people is planning their future.

Sometimes people have too many goals that they never get anything accomplished.

It’s ok to have as many goals as you want, however, you must focus on ONE.

Your goal could be getting rich, losing weight, finding your soulmate, traveling, or even having your own business.

Maybe those are ALL your goals. For now, pick one and put all your thoughts and focus into that ONE goal.

Use all of your energy and time to tackle that ONE goal.

You see if you focus on just one thing, then you can put 100% of yourself into the motivation and discipline it takes to CRUSH THAT GOAL!

Remember if you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen!


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We all know that having a positive mindset is good for our well-being.

A good example of having a positive mindset is the placebo effect.

If you are unfamiliar with the placebo effect, it is considered to be a psychological phenomenon where it has been proven that people have healed themselves with their thoughts.

In clinical trials, people are given medicines with NO ACTIVE ingredients and they still get better.

They get better because they THINK medicine is healing them. MIND OVER MATTER.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

“The placebo effect is more than positive thinking — believing a treatment or procedure will work.

It’s about creating a stronger connection between the brain and body and how they work together,” says Professor Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, whose research focuses on the placebo effect.

Now if THINKING can heal your body, think about how your thoughts can make your dreams come true.

If you think positively EVERY day, that can lead to nothing but success.

If you constantly think “SUCCESS” then success will HAPPEN.


One important habit of successful people is to save money.

Successful people live on a budget, pay off debt, and are frugal with their money.

The truth is we all need money, we all want money and most of us feel we never have enough money.

So the answer is to SAVE MONEY.

Saving money is a necessity to be financially secure and to always have a safety net because LIFE HAPPENS.

Most people are just one emergency away from financial devastation!

The best way to save money is to budget.  Avoid thinking of having a budget as a punishment — although it can often feel that way.

Making a budget is simply telling your money where to go.

If you need help setting up a budget, check out Digit. It’s an app that can do ALL of your budgeting. 

You can forget about saving money! Digit analyzes your spending and automatically saves the perfect amount every day, so you don’t have to think about it.

If you have a goal of paying off debt or saving for a big purchase, Digit will do all the work for you.

Another great financial tool that helps you save money is the Trim Bill Negotiator.

It can negotiate your cell phone bill, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and it even has a debt payoff calculator.

It’s like having a very awesome accountant negotiate all your bills!

Not only that, it will fight to get your money back from late deliveries.

For more Money-Saving Tips, check out this post about the easiest money-saving hacks for Millenials.

It gives great tips on how to save money without changing your lifestyle!


Yes, you spend your entire youth in classrooms learning. Maybe you even got a college degree.

So you think you know all you need to know right?


Successful people have a habit of being life-long learners.

“Our whole life is an Education — we are ‘ever-learning,’ every moment of time, everywhere, under all circumstances something is being added to the stock of our previous attainments. Mind is always at work when once its operations commence. All men are learners, whatever their occupation, in the palace, in the cottage, in the park, and in the field. These are the laws stamped upon Humanity.” – Edward Paxton Hood, Self-Education: Twelve Chapters for Young Thinkers, 1852

The world is constantly evolving and so are you!

You are not the same person you were 10 years ago and you will be a different person than who you are today 10 years from now.

Never stop learning! It is good for your well-being and for your finances.

The more you know about the world, the more successful you can be.

Don’t let anything get in your way of learning more.

There are no excuses!

Thanks to the technology of the internet you can learn just about anything at your pace and completely for free.

Check out these Free Live Online Classes on CreativeLive. Whatever skill you are looking for you will find there!

The internet has put the power of knowledge in our hands.

Get off social media and go learn a new skill! Watch an amazing TED Talk to inspire you like the one below.

Common Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Building success takes years of smart decisions!

Don’t give up on your dreams!

If you are stuck in a rut right now, then START making successful habit changes.

Just start somewhere.

Follow these habits of highly successful people to lead you on to be the person you always wanted to become!

Success starts with YOU!

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  1. Zara says

    This is a great and insightful post, I love it! I definitely agree about having a positive mindset, it really does go a long way

  2. The Velvet Court says

    I think that last point is definitely the most important one. People have to remember that success doesn’t come over night, you have to work day in and day out to get it, with balance of course.

  3. Melissa says

    I really love this post!
    I love that you touch on focusing on 1 thing at a time.
    None of these habits are overwhelming. You’re right, just picking one and starting, not thinking about starting, can be life changing!
    Very motivational!

  4. Adriana Avila says

    Such a great, well pout together post! That Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorites by the way. lol Intentional goal setting is something I only recently started doing. Actually writing things down, and I have noticed a massive difference in my distance from these goals.

    Thank you for this post!

  5. Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama says

    Great tips! Being intentional with your goals is very important–setting vague goals is a recipe for not making forward progress. Never stop learning is good advice, too. That’s one of the things that’s helped me become extremely successful with my freelance writing business.

  6. Anthea says

    Great tips shared. I am currently trying to adopt some of these habits, especially saving money. I also believe in never stop learning and I work towards that. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Herah says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love how you also emphasized to never stop learning. I do think this one is very vital to success.

  8. Karen’s says

    Inspirational! Love your casual yet packed full of useful information. I’ve been thinking of Blogging for a few months now and I’m glad I read your post. I appreciate the time and knowledge you’ve shared.

    One note that I’d add is downloading “ Grammerly.” ( I’m not up on punctuation or Editing, both elements of ood writing.

  9. Buayifa says

    You are definitely speaking to me about the positive mindset point. I might start writing a post that I am super excited about, then I start thinking “who will read this?”. It just slows me down. Sometimes, I end up deleting the whole thing.
    Thanks for sharing this very helpful post.

  10. Dividend Diplomats says

    Great post! All 5 are extremely helpful and are inter-twined. I love how you ended with never stop learning. It is a message that I think we all should learn and remember over time. Especially once we master one skill. There is always more out there to master!


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