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How Much Is 6 Figures & How To Make A Six Figure Income

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How Much Is 6 Figures Explained & How To Make A Six-Figure Income

So you want to make 6 figures. I get it, six figures sounds like a nice amount of money.

For some people making a six-figure income means they have finally made it. 

It can mean they are making a really good income. 

So you want to know how much 6 figures is & how you can make a six-figure income?

Good, I have all the information here.

Let’s get started!

6 figures meaning

What Is A Figure In Money?

A figure in money is referring to single digits.

So for example, most people think of $100,000 as 6 figures as there are 6 digits. 

What Does 6 Figures Mean?

As you can see in the diagram below, 6 figures means 6 digits. 

How much is 6 figures meaning

So as you can see that each number/digit is a figure in money.

How Much Is 6 Figures?

Now you know that a figure is a digit, so you should have a pretty good idea of what 6 figures is, it is 6 digits.

Don’t assume that a 6 figure income is just $100,000.

A six-figure income can range from $100,000-$999,999.

That is a significant range especially when money is involved!

6 Figure Salary Meaning

Earning a six-figure salary is a broad range.

Like I said before, it could mean you are earning anywhere from $100,000-$999,999.

First, let me explain what a salary is.

A salary is a fixed payment between an employer and an employee.

A salary is based upon a fixed annual income. Your pay is not based upon hours worked. 

Meaning that no matter how many hours you work, your income is based upon your specified salary in your employment contract.  

So if you are earning a 6 figure salary, then you are earning a fixed payment amount that is probably paid weekly or bi-monthly. 

Many corporate jobs are salary-based. 

What Can A 6 Figure Salary Get You?

Like I mentioned, a 6 figure salary is a fixed annual income that can be anywhere from $100,000-$999,999. 

So let’s say you have a six-figure salary of $100,000, if you were paid weekly, then your weekly pay would be $1,923.07 before taxes.

That’s not too shabby for one week!

If you were paid bi-monthly, as most 6 figure salary incomes are, then you would make $3,846.15 every two weeks.

If you made a 6 figure salary, then you would at least be earning $7,692.30 every month!

Now $100,000 is just the low end of a six-figure income!

Think about that for a minute.

What Company Has The Most 6 Figure Earners?

The company that has the most 6 figure earners is Primerica Financial Services.

The 6 figure earners at Primerica are Financial Advisors. 

Other well-known companies that have many jobs earning 6 figures are Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

What Kind Of Jobs Make 6 Figures?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of jobs that earn 6 figures.

I did a little digging on the Bureau Of Labor Statistics to find the most popular careers that make six figures.

  • Doctor – Median Base Salary: $208,000
  • Lawyer – Median Base Salary: $110,000
  • Architect – Median Base Salary: $144,000
  • Engineer – Median Base Salary: $137,720
  • Airline Pilot – Median Base Salary: $147,220

Those are just some examples of 6 figure salary jobs.

I am sure you probably already knew that those types of jobs make at least a six-figure income. 

But what about jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree?

There are plenty of jobs that make 6 figures without college.

Also, there are many ways to make $100,000 without a job!

So if you are wondering “How can I make a six figure income” this list has you covered!

How much is 6 figures meaning

How To Make 6 Figures From Home

The best ways to make 6 figures without a degree. Earn a six-figure income from home. 

1. Investing

Investing in the stock market is the best way to make 6 figures!

With that being said, I know that the stock market is risky.

You can’t just dabble with investing, you must educate yourself on how to invest your hard-earned money!

To make money investing, you have to be willing to be patient.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Remember, you must give your investments time to appreciate in value and earn interest. 

Before investing, always do your research.

I use and recommend The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Newsletter!

Check out their free investment articles that will give you the ins and outs of investing your money!

Reading this monthly newsletter was a game-changer for me.

It guided me to switch up my portfolio and because of that, I am able to watch my income grow every single month!  

So if you want to know about which stocks to pick then you NEED to join the newsletter!

With a 30-day money-back guarantee and 50% off when you sign up through this link it is a no-brainer, check it out to start building your wealth and making your first 6 figures!

2. Proofreading

Now Glassdoor has that proofreaders make around $68k/year. That’s not 6 figures, but remember, that is what is considered a median income estimate. 

So you can make more or you can make less.

I know for a fact, that some proofreaders charge $120/hr.

So that means that some of the highest-paid proofreaders earn a nice six-figure income of $249,600/year.

Now, of course, to be part of the highest-paid proofreaders, you need to be good at what you do.

So check out this FREE course to see if proofreading is for you!

3. Flipping Money To Make Money

There are plenty of ways to flip money to make money.

It can be some sweet deal you find, then selling it for 10 times what you paid.

Or it could be flipping flea market finds.

Check out how this woman makes $110,000 a year from flipping her yardsale finds.

Or you can make a lot of money by selling things on Amazon.

I read this FREE eBook and I was blown away by how much money you can make by selling stuff on Amazon.

Rob Stephenson makes 6 figures by reselling shoes on eBay.

He has a FREE webinar that explains how he does it.

My nephew, who is only 21 and does not have a college degree, makes over $100,000 a year by flipping cars he buys at auctions. 

So if you have a little bit of money, make it work for you by flipping it into more money!

4. Owning A Website

If you have searched how to make money before, then I am sure you have seen articles saying to start a blog.

You may be thinking that the blogging world is too saturated, or too difficult. Those statements are both true and false.

The truth is there are hundreds of websites launched every day, but the world wide web is huge, and you can still earn money blogging.

Also, blogging can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.

Luckily for you, I have written 2 very detailed guides on how to start a blog, and how to make money from a new blog

Those are both very thorough guides about how to blog for money.

If you are interested in blogging for money, then you need to know the RIGHT way to do it. 

Now that you know you CAN make money blogging, did you know that you can make a six-figure income blogging?

Well you can, because I do!

I am not the only one, in fact, many bloggers make a 6 figure income and some even make a 7-figure income!

Now I haven’t made it to 7 figures yet, but I am working on it.

5. Have An Online Store 

Having an online store is golden!

Your store could reach millions of people a day.

You don’t even have to sell physical products.

You can make $100,000 just from selling digital products.

Start your FREE online shop and be on your way to earning 6 figures or more!

Now You Know How Much Is 6 Figures

So you now know how much 6 figures is.

Also, you now know what jobs can pay a six-figure salary.

Not only that, but you even read about how to make 6 figures from home.

So what are you going to do with that?

I say go get started on building your wealth! Figure out what is the best way how you can make a six-figure income and go do it!

Go to college, or be an entrepreneur, or even a small-business owner because your 6 figure income is out there waiting for you!

If you want to stay up-to-date on new ideas to make money then sign up here to never miss a chance to make extra cash!

More Ways To A 6 Figure Income

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Do you have any smart ways to make six figures? Let me know in the comments!

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