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Make Money Blogging: A New Blogger’s Guide to Profits


Are you searching for ways to make money blogging? Use this Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing a New Blog and start making money right away!

Make Money Blogging

Anyone can start a blog! Hosts like Siteground make it super easy to have a blog for only $3.95/month!

Can anyone make money with a blog? Now that, my friend, is a different question.

The truth is there are 1000’s of blogs launched every single day, but not all of them will make money. Some people are fine having a hobby blog, but most people do it for the money. If you want to blog for money, then you have to do it the right way!

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Can You Make Money Blogging?

You may be surprised but you can make A LOT of money blogging! That’s right,  you can make a 7-figure income just by blogging! That being said, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build a profitable blogging business.

Blogging is a BUSINESS. Just like any other business, it takes time to grow. The amazing thing about blogging is that it is the one business that has such a little start-up cost, but there are no limits on the profits! Blogging might seem like an unconventional choice, but with the right mindset and dedication, you can succeed with your blog.

First things first, if you haven’t already started a blog, head over to How to Start a Money-Making Blog On A Budget. There you will find a step-by-step guide on how to set up your blog the right way. Setting up your blog the right way from the very start is imperative to making money from it!

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Many people are surprised that I make a full-time income from blogging. If I had a dime for all the times I have been asked “how do bloggers make money?” then I probably wouldn’t even need to blog.

There are so many ways you can make money with your blog. Of course, you will not start out making much money, BUT, if you follow the guidelines down below, you will start to see a profit from your blog.

How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money?

If you have been researching how to make money from blogging, then I am sure you have come across hundreds of blog income reports. It is so easy to get lost in the sea of all the”How To Make $1000 From Blogging” posts.

Maybe you are even lost in the words of SEO, affiliate marketing and the names of countless apps other bloggers recommend.

Before I ever took the “blogging” plunge, I read hundreds of posts about how other people made money from blogging. It was exhausting! Some posts were really helpful, others were a waste of time.

If you are a new blogger then reading about other big-name blogger’s success stories and money-making tactics can be discouraging. Yes, they are inspiring and motivational, but you can’t compare a new blog to an established blog. They already have higher domain authority, traffic, and followers. Of course, they are making money!

What new bloggers need is an all-in-one guide on how to make profits from a “new” blog.  So I am writing it now! If you have already started your blog then this guide is for you, if you are still looking into starting a blog then you need to go here.

How Do New Bloggers Make Money

Alright, so you are a brand new blogger, or maybe you have been blogging a little while but you haven’t made any money, well you are in the right place! I am going to guide you step-by-step on how to start making money from your blog!

Here Are The 4 Ways To Make Money On A New Blog:

1. Ads

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Sponsorships

4. Products

Monetize With Ads

It’s no secret that bloggers make money with ad networks. You can make a lot of money with ads on your site. However, to apply to the best paying ad networks you need to to have a substantial amount of traffic. After you have attained at least 25K sessions then I recommend you apply for MediaVine.

That being said, new blogs don’t have a lot of traffic. Don’t fret just yet! The two ad companies that I recommend for all new blogs is Fomo and They both pay decent and they will not cover your site with spammy ads.

Fomo is great because it is just a little pop-up on the bottom of your screen that doesn’t interfere with the visitor. ads are different than any other ad because they are keyword links that usually get more clicks. That is a good thing because most ad companies pay more for clicks than impressions. Both of these ad companies can be customized to fit your brand colors so they blend in on your site better.

If you want to make money on your new blog, sign up for FOMO and TODAY! Yes, you can have both on your blog! You can even have FOMO,, and Google Adsense at the same time. Just make sure that Adsense doesn’t overload your site with too many ads. You don’t have to worry about that with FOMO or, but unfortunately, Adsense likes to put ads EVERYWHERE!

Monetize With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your blog. I am sure you have seen links on other blogs to products they recommend, well those are affiliate links. Those bloggers get paid every time someone clicks that link and makes a purchase.

When you recommend products that you trust and love, then your readers may be more inclined to try it out as well. Be honest and only recommend stuff that you would use. This builds trust with your readers to value your opinion and you will have a higher chance of them buying more products you suggest in the future.

The 4 affiliate companies all new bloggers should sign up for is:

  1. ShareASale
  2. FlexOffers
  3. Awin
  4. Amazon Associates

Those affiliate marketers have thousands of companies for every niche. ShareASale and FlexOffers are both free to join. Awin charges a $5 application fee that they return to you once you make a sale. Don’t let that $5 fee scare you away, Awin pays very well!

Amazon has every product out there that you can recommend and we all know that people love to shop on Amazon.

Sign up for all 4 of these right away because there is no profit limit on affiliate marketing!

If you want to promote a brand or product and they are not listed with any of the above affiliate marketers, then google them. Once you have found their website, look around their homepage for a link for affiliates and sign up. If you can’t find a link, email them and ask how you could be an affiliate to promote their product.

Monetize With Sponsorships 

Many bloggers get paid well to do sponsored posts. Basically, you write a dedicated post on your blog or even social media handle that promotes a company or product.

One little search on google for “blog sponsorships” can lead you to companies you can join to gain sponsorships.

If you would like to promote a brand then just reach out to them and pitch your promotion. You never know! Don’t be scared, go for it! Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before he got the approval to finance the Disney Corporation. Think about that for a minute.

Monetize With Products

Many bloggers make money by selling their own products. The most popular products that bloggers sell are digital products. Digital products are so easy because there is no inventory or shipping to keep up with.

Two of the most popular digital products are eBooks and eCourses. Both are not as complicated as they sound. In fact, they are quite easy.

The great thing about eBooks is they are short and to the point! They can easily be made by combining several posts you may have already written on your blog. After you have decided what to write you can use a program like Canva or PicMonkey to make a book cover. If you want it to be a little fancier, you can pay someone $5 on to design the cover and even a realistic mockup to display on your site.

The simple thing about eCourses is they let you teach others what you already know. I believe EVERYONE has something they can teach! With everything going digital, eLearning is here to stay! Online learning is in high demand, which is great news if you want to make a living by sharing your talents in an eCourse.

If you don’t know where to start, head over to Teachable. They offer a free plan that will let you create and host your eCourse for FREE. They have some great tutorials on how to get started as well.  Most bloggers use Teachable to host their eCourses because it is so user-friendly.

Another easy-to-make digital product that bloggers tend to sale is printables. Printables are super easy to make on a program like PicMonkey, Canva, or even MS Word. Although, most bloggers give these away as a way to collect email subscribers. By selling them or using them to collect subscribers you will make money. Having an email following is money in the bank because then you have a whole list of people you can reach out to at any time.

Some bloggers sell customized apparel and coffee mugs on their site. They usually use Shopify and Printful to fulfill those orders without ever keeping any inventory or having to ship the products themselves. You can read more about dropping-shipping with both of these companies on this post.

Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2019

Please don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking that blogging is dead! Is blogging still profitable in 2019, you bet your sweet cheeks it is!

Of course, if you haven’t even started blogging, then you are on the ground floor. That being said beginning bloggers have a true advantage. They can blog about something DIFFERENT.

You may already know that blogging about money, parenting, food, travel, or even blogging about blogging, can be very lucrative fields. They are also very SATURATED.

If you are planning to blog about any of those topics, then you will run into some fierce competition. Let me tell you, these bloggers have been in for the long run and know what they are doing. It’s fine if that’s what you want to blog about, BUT if you could blog about something different then you may have a true advantage.

If you pick a different niche, then it gives you the advantage to rule the field. I know someone who just blogs about coffee, yep, just coffee. They own the field now, Google thinks they are the know-all for coffee, and now they are a 7-figure blogger!

Every topic has an audience, you just have to find them. Remember you CAN make money blogging! Let effort, persistence, and being different be your competitive advantages. Now, go write that money-making blog!

If you want to stay up-to-date on new Money-Making Ideas and Blogging Tips then sign up here to never miss a chance to add some cash to your pocket!

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  1. Ej says

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I haven’t heard of fomo or I am in the process of going from a hobby blog to a business. So this information is great!

  2. Angela Giles says

    Awesome article. I love how extensive this article is. Yes, I agree with what you said that “You may be surprised but you can make A LOT of money blogging! That’s right, you can make a 7-figure income just by blogging! That being said, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build a profitable blogging business..”

    Thank you for this.
    Love this post. Putting in my Pocket!

    Angela Giles

  3. nicole says

    This is the best info on how to monetize a blog that I have ever seen for free. Most bloggers want you to buy a course for this info! Thanks so much! I am just now starting to create my blog. I have bookmarked your site 🙂

  4. Aya says

    Heyy, amazing tips ,I loved it .
    But I read in so many blog posts thant not all the niches can be profitable.Yes ,you can have a big audience but you will not make money of it.So ,I don’t know, what do you think ??
    Anyway, I really like your post . Continue like that

    • Starr says

      Hi Aya, I love your name! I DO think that ALL niches can be profitable. I don’t think it is wise to have a blog about EVERYTHING. I do think blogger’s should niche down. There is an audience for everything. Write for your reader and you will find your audience. Learn what your audience wants and you can make money from that. Whether it be from affiliates or ad revenue. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Shay says

    THank you so much! I am a new blogger and I haven’t really figured it all out. I want to make money from my blog but I didn’t really know where to start. This has helped me so much

  6. Kevin says

    I’m a blogger coming up on my one year anniversary. These are very sound tips, and quite a new twist on a lot of the old information. This has energized me and refocused me. I’m. Going to get back to basics and this article gave me the tools I need to do that.

  7. Britt says

    You’ve got some good tips and do a great job of breaking it down for newer bloggers that are just starting out. Unfortunately, FOMO is now shutting down – I really enjoyed including that on my blog

  8. True | Her Key Blog says

    Loved this article! I definitely want to put off putting automatic ads on my blog until I qualify for Mediavine as it is my favorite from the way things sound. I’m currently toying around with a little affiliate marketing in my fourth month of blogging. It’s a lot to learn but so exciting. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Newton says

    I love how you stated the truth that looking at successful blogs and their story can be discouraging Cos they are already established that is nothing but the truth. I will definitely be purchasing your course.

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