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Free Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log

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FREE Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log To Take Control Of Your Finances!

We all have to pay bills.

It’s a fact of life.

Did you know that keeping track of your bills is the foundation of money management?


FREE Printable Monthly Bill Log


Paying Bills On Time

Paying your bills on time is very important.

Not only does it save you money by not having to pay unnecessary late fees, but it can help raise your credit score. 

Remember, late payments are turned against you.

Some creditors may give you a grace period but some don’t even offer that. 

Once you get behind on paying your bills, it’s difficult to get caught back up. 

A little trick to save money on monthly bills is to join the community. It is completely FREE!

SaverLife is a nonprofit that helps people build financial stability.

They have given away over $3.4 million to help members save!

There you can connect with a community of fellow savers where you can share stories and learn new ideas – to help you save with bill companies!

Bill Payment Tracker

Using a bill payment tracker will help you keep track of what bills you owe and help you stay organized to make your bill payments on time. 

It will save time, money (by not paying late fees), and help you to keep track of all of your monthly bills. 

Having a reliable bill payment tracker will help you stay on top of your finances to be able to get out of debt.  

Most creditors share your monthly bill payment history with credit bureaus, so staying ahead on your bills is the best way to take control of your finances.  

If you are having trouble with paying your bills, then check into using a program that can lower your bills. 

Try out Billshark!

They are known for lowering monthly bills by about 25%.

They will give you a FREE estimate instantly.

Billshark doesn’t cost you any out-of-pocket money, because if you do DECIDE to use them they take a one-time fee of 40% of the bill savings – so it’s a win-win!

If they can’t save you money on your current bills, then no fees are taken out. 

If you don’t make enough money to cover your monthly bills, then check out some of these ways to make $100 a day or download some of these free money-making apps.

Free Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log

free printable monthly bill payment log

Click image to get your FREE Printable Monthly Bill Payment Tracker


I know firsthand how important it is to keep track of your monthly bills. 

Paying bills is a total pain if you are not organized. 

With everything being digital these days, many of us pay our bills online. 

Most companies prefer that we use “paperless” billing, which means we will no longer get a bill in the mail, instead we get monthly email reminders.

The tricky part about that is that sometimes our email providers will mark those important bill reminders as spam and send them straight to the junk folder. 

That’s why we MUST stay on top of bills ourselves. 

By using a printable monthly bill tracker you will always know what bills are due and what has already been paid.

I am giving this FREE printable monthly bill chart to all of my readers.

You can sign up here to instantly download yours today!

How To Use The Free Printable Monthly Bill Chart

Use the bill payment log printable to make of list of all your bills.

Write down the amount of each bill and when it is due. 

Always, organize your bills by the date they are due – this simple tip keeps you on track and helps you avoid late fees.

Using the printable bill payment log gives you a money-management visual to stay organized and know where your money is going.

It is the perfect way to track all of your bills to know if you need to make adjustments to your spending or to be aware of wrongful billing.

Many companies make “small” billing mistakes that wrongly overcharge consumers.

By keeping track of your bills, you can easily dispute wrongful charges and fees with your bill company.

Another way to avoid wrongful charges is to monitor your credit score. 

You can check your credit score for FREE with Credit Sesame – they offer free monitoring too!

Free Printable Bill Pay Checklist

So now you know just how important it is to keep track of your bills. 

You can print off this simple FREE Monthly Bill Payment Log to start managing your money properly.

Don’t forget to go over your bills periodically to make adjustments.

Many of us sign up for automatic bill payments for things we don’t even use – like gym memberships, magazines, apps, & streaming services. 

Try out a service like Trim that scans your automatic bills to look for ways to save money. 

Remember, keeping track of your bills will help you take control of your finances.

It is one of the most important steps towards financial freedom!

So be sure to download the complete budget planner and this free monthly bill tracker so you can be on your way to living a debt-free life. 

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