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60+ Life Goals List To Live A Fulfilling Life

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Life goals to live a fulfilling life that is true to you!

What are your goals in life?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to do?

Those are the questions you must ask yourself to live a fulfilling life. 


Life Goals


In order to write your life goals list, you really need to think about what you want your life path to look like. 

What do you want to achieve?

Hopefully, you already know what many of your life goals are. 

What if you don’t? What if you have no goals in life?

Having no goals in life will set you up for failure.

You need to have goals and dreams that you work to achieve. 

If you desire to be something or do something important, then setting future life goals is vitally important to make sure you get where you want to be.

So ask yourself, “what are my goals for life?”

Read the following life goals examples for inspiration. 

60+ Life Goals List For A More Fulfilling Life

10 Goals In Life

10 most important goals in life to live a happy fulfilling life. 

1. Express Daily Gratitude

2. Learn Something New Everyday

3. Give Back / Pay It Forward

4. Have An Open Mind

5. Make Your Health A Priority

6. Bid Farwell To Toxic Habits & Toxic People

7. Spend Quality Time With The One’s You Love

8. Hold Yourself Accountable

9. Stand Up For What You Believe In

10. Always Be Yourself & Love Who You Are

These 10 life goals are very important.

Many of us have goals that involve traveling and financial stability which are great to have, but these 10 life goals will help guide us through life. 

We can have as many life goal ideas that we choose, in fact, I hope you have a big list of goals to set for yourself. 

Use the following goals in life examples to help you list your goals and dreams.

What are your 5-year goals? Your 10-year goals in life?

Grab a pen and paper and write down your life goals. 

Then live a fulfilling life making your dreams come true!


Life Goals


Simple Life Goals

Go Outside Every Day

Sunshine and fresh air are so important to our mental and physical well-being.

Try to take in some fresh air every single day.

Sometimes it’s just the little “reset” we need. 

Keep A Journal

Keeping a daily journal is a great way to express your thoughts.

It lets you vent, dream, and reflect on your life. 

Find A Hobby You Enjoy

Everyone should have a hobby that they enjoy.

Something that brings out your passion.

Exercise Everyday

Physical activity is very important to our well-being.

Not only does it keep us physically healthy, but it boosts our mood and decreases anxiety and depression. 

You do not need to go to the gym or invest in some expensive at-home exercise equipment. Just move! 

Try to take a brisk 20-minute walk every day.

Don’t forget to download the free app SweatCoin to get paid for every step you take. 

Never Stop Learning

It doesn’t matter if you have a graduate degree or a G.E.D, you should never stop learning. 

Take classes on anything and everything that interests you.  

You know with the world at your fingertips, you can pretty much find a tutorial for anything. 

Don’t let money stop you, there are plenty of free educational classes, videos, and tutorials.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on YouTube, then check out CreativeLive. 

CreativeLive offers so many Free Live Online Classes for pretty much any interest. 


Personal Life Goals

Know Who You Are

Do you know who you are? 

Know your values, know what you stand for. 

You need to know who you are so you can fully love yourself.

Keep A Goal and Dreams Journal

When you keep a list of your goals and dreams, you keep yourself accountable!

It forces you to commit to making your dreams come true!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Push yourself to get out of your “comfort zone” and routines. Try new things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Outside of your comfort zone is where your creativity comes alive.

You may be surprised at all the things you have been missing out on.   

Set Boundaries

Setting personal boundaries sets the rules for what you will allow and not allow in your life.

Having boundaries defines who you are and protect you.

Your boundaries draw the line so you are aware of any red flags that can cause you physical, emotional, and/or mental harm.

Find Your Tribe

Having good friends is important. Now, I didn’t say having a lot of friends I said having “good” friends.

That means people you can trust, people who want to see you achieve, and who will always have your back. 

Let Go Of Toxic People

Letting go of toxic people is mandatory for your well-being.

It can be very difficult to cut ties with people you love, especially if the toxic person is a family member. 

Identify anyone in your life who does more harm than good.

Toxic people make you feel drained because they carry so much negative energy. 

Never allow anyone to continue to treat you poorly.

Find Your Soul Mate

I know the term “soul mate” sounds very cliche, but we all have a person that we can connect to on so many levels.

Another person who makes us feel alive and safe all at the same time. 

Just remember, a soul mate doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, it can also be an everlasting friendship.

So go find the “person” that connects to your soul.

Start A Family

Starting a family is a life goal that many people have.

Raising children is a special experience that will teach you so many lessons about love and life.

Stop Wasting Time

Your time is valuable. Stop wasting it on things that are not benefiting your well-being. 

Find out 7 ways how you can stop wasting your time and live your life to the fullest!

Have A Mentor

Spend time with someone you admire, someone you can look up to.

This person can mentor you and help guide you. 

Sometimes it just takes wise advice from someone we trust to help us achieve our goals. 

Stay In Touch

Stay in touch with the people you hold dear.

Remember that fun friend from high school?  Don’t just look at their social media, plan a lunch. 

Keep in touch with your family. 

Start A Blog

I think everyone should have a blog. The worldwide web is infinite, shouldn’t you own your piece of it? 

You don’t have to blog for money, although you can make a lot of money blogging.

You can blog as a hobby, or as an open diary of your thoughts and adventures. 

You can start a blog for as little as $4/month, so go for it!

Express Your Feelings

Never suppress your feelings.

Your feelings are important and expressing them is valuable to your well-being.


Many problems in relationships we have with the people in our lives stem from miscommunication.

Open communication builds trust and resolves problems before they even start.


Healthy Life Goals

Know What You Can & Cannot Eat

We all know that we shouldn’t eat junk and processed foods.

However, some of us have food sensitivities to even healthy food that we don’t even know about.

If you are sensitive to a certain food it can cause headaches, bloating, acne, and more. 

Take a food sensitivity test to see what food triggers you to feel bad. 

Drink More Water

I love drinking water, in fact, sometimes I think I drink too much.

I didn’t realize how many people don’t like drinking water or don’t drink enough.

You know your body needs it, so do your best to drink 64 ounces of water a day.

My friend who despises the plain taste of water, got a water bottler infuser to add different flavors. 

Start A Morning Routine

Developing a morning routine will help you start the day energized. 

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. Try some stretching exercises. Write a to-do list. 

Just add anything into your morning routine that can help you conquer the day. 

I am not a morning person so this has been a hard one for me. 

Have A Night Routine

Now I am not just talking about a bedtime routine like brushing your teeth and washing your face, I mean an actual evening routine to wind down from the busy day.

Try not to look at any screens after 7 pm and do things that help you relax so you can get a good night’s rest.

Get Good Sleep

I know when we are young, we can still thrive without 8 hours of sleep but it really does wreak havoc on our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Sleep is very important for your whole body to heal and reset. 

Don’t Work So Hard

Don’t work yourself into an early grave. If you died tomorrow your job will replace you just like that. 

Don’t spend all of your time working. Take time for yourself, and for the people you love.

Choose Happiness

Happiness is a choice. We choose to be optimistic or pessimistic. 

Choose to make happiness one of your ultimate goals in life!


Financial Life Goals

Start A Business

I think having your own business is a common goal in life we all have.

Who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

With technology at the tips of our fingers starting a business is easier than ever. 

Have Multiple Streams of Income

One of my goals in life is to always have multiple streams of income.

Not depending on one source of income is definitely a good goal to have.

It doesn’t matter what experience or educational background you have, there are always more ways to make money.

Here is a list of over 50 side hustles to make $100/day and don’t forget to try out some money hacks for free cash

Pay Off Debt

Paying off debt and staying debt-free is one of the most important life goals we all should strive for. 

When you are free of debt you can benefit your life in so many ways. 

If you are drowning in debt right now, make a plan. It may take time, but it could be on your 5-year goal list. 

Start using money-saving hacks to save extra money, live a more frugal lifestyle, and pay off any student loans as fast as you possibly can. 

If you have high-interest credit card rates, then refinance for a lower rate to pay it off faster to save money.

Check out Credible, they offer super low rates & you will not have to pay any origination fees.

Donate To An Organization You Believe In

When you donate to a cause you believe in it will make you feel good. 

It is a selfless act that can create a positive change in the world. 

Begin Investing

Investing is the only way to let your money work for you.

If you want to build your wealth, then the only way to do that is to invest your money.

You can invest in real estate, stocks, or bonds. 

What really helped me get a handle on how to make money investing was signing up for a monthly financial advisor newsletter

The newsletter helped me decide which stocks would earn the most money on my investments and which were true gambles. 

If investing your money seems like something you can’t afford then I suggest trying the Acorns app.

It lets you invest your spare change from small purchases like coffees into your own personal portfolio.

It is a FREE app for many people, and if you don’t qualify for the FREE version then it only costs pennies a day.

You can get FREE $5 just for signing up!

Build An Emergency Fund

An emergency fund should be one of your most important life goals because unexpected expenses happen!

When you have funds set aside for an emergency, it gives you peace of mind. 

It keeps you from going into debt and helps you stress less. 

Set Up A Retirement

Remember that retirement isn’t an age, it is a financial achievement.

Having a retirement plan helps you plan for the future.

If we are lucky, then we grow old at some point. Be financially prepared for that.

Be Financially Stable

One important life goal is to stop struggling financially

Make more money. Save more money. 

I get the whole YOLO thing but you must save for your future!

Having money goals is so important!


Positive Goals In Life

Start Your Own Charity Organization

Starting your own charity organization is a positive life goal that would benefit so many people. 

Maybe you have thought of a new idea that could really benefit the world around you or you want to honor a loved one.

Giving back and paying it forward, is a good goal to set. 

I think we all know that giving feels just as good as receiving. 

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Keeping a journal about all the positives in your life will help you stay focused on the good.

This is a positive life goal that will change your mindset for the better!

Live Intentionally

Many of us are stuck in the past, or we are waiting for the future.

Practice being more present.

Live for today!

Live with purpose and intention.

Own your decisions and mistakes. Stop wasting your time with toxic habits!

Practice Self Care

Self-care is making yourself a priority and giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. 

It helps you set healthy boundaries with everyone in your life, including yourself.

So take the time to improve your mind, body, and soul with a 30 Day Self Care Challenge.

Be Kind

There is enough negative energy in the world, so spread some kindness whenever you can.

Research has proven that when we are kind to others, it increases our energy and well-being.

Not to mention, it reduces stress and anxiety.

Try taking the 30 Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge to improve your mindset and put some good vibes out into the world. 

Break Bad Habits

We all have our habits. One big positive life goal we all need is to break bad habits. 

You know what I am talking about, we all have a habit that we know is not good for us. 

Whether it be smoking, stress-eating, not getting enough sleep, drinking, or even eating too much junk, it is time to kick it to the curb!

Really work hard at overcoming it. You can do it!

Adopt Healthy Habits

As you know, habits can make us or break us.

While you are working on breaking those bad habits, start introducing more healthy habits into your daily routine.

Drink more water, exercise more, eat more greens, and get more sleep.

If you need more of a push then read this post on how to start a healthy lifestyle habit, and keep it!

Manage Stress

Our lives will never be completely stress-free, so we must find ways to manage all the worry and anxiety our stress-filled world brings our way. 

If you feel stress is getting the best of you, then try some stress-relieving techniques like mediation, yoga, breathing exercises, or even talking to a therapist. 

Do what you can to manage your stress, because when we are continually living in a “fight or flight” mode it wreaks havoc on our bodies. 


Life Goals To Travel

Travel To A Different Country

Hopefully in your lifetime, you are able to travel to many different countries.

Try An Authentic Cuisine In A Foreign Land

We can all agree that food is life!

Many of us make our own versions of Italian cuisine or go to a local Hibachi restaurant to experience a little Japanese culture, but there is NOTHING like eating real authentic food in its homeland. 

Find A Breathtaking View

Sometimes a beautiful view is all we need to find our own inner peace.

It’s a calming experience that reminds us how grand our world is.

Explore A Different Culture

Completely immerse yourself in another culture.

Try the food. Taste the flavors and the spices.

Learn the language. Listen to the local music.

Keep an open mind. 

See The Aurora Borealis

Seeing the Northern lights should be a lifetime goal for everyone.

It is one of my personal goals, that I am hoping to achieve soon.

Go On An Epic Road Trip

One of my life goals to go on a road trip “out west” in the United States.

To drive through the desert and then onward towards the Rocky Mountains. 

I have been on many unplanned road trips that have created lasting memories.

The secret is to go with someone who not only has a sense of adventure but a good sense of humor. 

Visit Places On The World Heritage List

A lifetime goal for many is to visit some of the greatest wonders of the world. 

The World Heritage List has places like The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu and so many more amazing places to add to your future life goals for travel. 

Take Your Family or Partner To A Special Place From Your Youth

We all have a special place we visited when we were younger. A place that touched our hearts. 

Take someone special back to that place and tell your memories.

Or maybe, just take them back to the “old stomping grounds” of your youth. See how it’s changed, but also see what hasn’t changed. 

Visit Museums Often

Every time I visit a new town I try to find some type of museum.

It’s mesmerizing to see artifacts from the past and read about all the stories. 


Future Life Goals

Write A Book

Writing a book has always been one of my future life goals!

I think we all have a story to tell. 

Learn To Speak Another Language Fluently

Just knowing how to speak more than one language can improve your cognitive skills tremendously.

Also, it helps you create positive attributes to a foreign language and its culture.

Build Your Dream House

Another one of my future goals is to build my dream home. 

A custom home that was designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and customized to my style. 

Buy A Vacation Home

Who doesn’t want a vacation home?

Maybe you want a cabin in the woods, a beach house, or just even a timeshare. 

If it is one of your goals in life, make it happen!

Be A Mentor

The ability to help others succeed is a positive life goal that you will never forget.

Share your knowledge and be the person for someone else that you needed when you were younger.

It will positively impact you and others!

What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Life?

Now that you have read some goals in life examples, you should have written a list of goals to set for yourself. 

You may be wondering what is the ultimate goal in life?

The answer to that will be different for everyone.

I think the answer is living a life well-lived. Living a life of no regret. Spending time with the people who matter. 

Live a life that is true to yourself, not a life others expect of you. Let yourself be happy!

What are your life goals? Let me know in the comments.

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